Why BFPeer ?

Peer-To-Peer (P2P) exchanges have allows people to exchange their cryptocurrency for cash, or vice versa, but they have major problems. BFPeer is an upgrade with different approach method of trading. It aims to solve the difficulty that currently exist within established P2P exchanges. BFPeer is helping the cryptocurrency market to transition to a safer and better way to trade.


1. Meeting and paying in cash
There have been sad stories of people meeting in real life and exchanging money for cryptocurrency only to be robbed or assaulted. This is not recommended. Meeting in person and carrying a large sum of money is never advised. Even if it is in a public “safe space”.

2. Bank Transfers
Banking details should always be kept private from strangers. But if you don’t want to risk meeting in person, then as a seller you must give out your Full Name, and Account Number to a complete stranger over the internet. This is extremely dangerous as it exposes you to fraud and theft. Another danger is scammers on P2P exchanges, such as localethereum,Remitano and localbitcoins. They pretend to be innocent buyers and will even transfer you the money to your bank account. However, once they receive your crypto, they file a reverse transaction with their bank. They will claim their bank account got hacked, or they were scammed via a mechanism such as the infamous tax office telephone scams.

3. Slow exchange
P2P exchanges force users to chat to the other party, to agree on payment type, or meeting location. Also, bank transfers can take up to 3 days to clear. During this time prices of cryptocurrency can fluctuate heavily. Speed is everything in the highly volatile environment that is cryptocurrency.

4. Little choice of coins
P2P exchanges only support 1 or 2 different cryptocurrencies, meaning you have to have multiple different accounts with multiple different exchanges to have access to a wide range of markets.
Why and How is BFPeer different?
BFPeer escrow-powered trading means the buyer’s money is not paid to the seller until we verify that the seller has sent the cryptocurrency to the buyer’s wallet using the immutable ledger that is the token’s Blockchain. This ensures that sellers are always paid Buyers always receive their cryptocurrency. On BFPeer, No personal details are shared with the other party including the banking details. Not your real name, address, bank details, credit cards details or anything that can reveal who you are and increase your risk of fraud or theft.
BFPeer Escrow Services provider who ensures the security and safety of your funds. The funds is hold in our escrow trust account and will only release the funds to the seller once the Blockchain verifies that the assets have been transferred to the buying party. BFPeer supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency. Ready to be traded securely via P2P.