Currency Exchange

Peer-to-Peer currency exchange is a currency swap medium that allows you to exchange money from one person to another through an online platform. There, individuals can find and safely exchange currency with individuals in other countries at much lower costs.

The process of Peer-to-Peer currency exchange is simple. Rather than exchanging money via the traditional models of banks and brokers, you can swap currency directly with those who need your currency.

Benefts of Peer-to-Peer(P2P) Currency Exchange

  • Favorable exchange rates.
    Favorable exchange rates compared to what is offered by banks and brokers is one of the chief benefits of peer-to-peer currency exchange. Users can select the best rates from Peer-to-Peer currency exchange platforms or set their rates and get currency swapped seamlessly.
  • Significant Cost-effectiveness
    P2P currency exchange is significantly cost-effective. By getting around the bottleneck of banks and brokers, P2P currency exchange platforms provide currency exchange at much lower rates. The average saving rate on international transfers for P2P users compared to banks ranges between 75% to 90%. Naturally, the savings depend on how much banks charge, which in most cases hovers between 2% to 5%.
  • Convenience
    Peer-to-Peer currency exchange is very convenient and easily accessible. Users can easily swap huge amounts of money without going through hassles. Similarly, these swaps can be done seamlessly and securely.